Tips For Buying Your First Sewer Cam For Your Plumbing Business

28 May 2016
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Are you thinking of adding sewer camera services to your plumbing business? This can be an excellent way to bring in both more business and to provide additional value to your existing cameras. You will need to purchase a flexible borescope to compete this task, which is a small camera on the end of a long, flexible tube that can traverse the sewer pipes. The following checklist will help you get the most value while ensuring you pick the best camera.

Tip #1: Check the picture quality

Not all borescopes are created equal. Ask for sample images or video from the different models you are considering. Make sure you can easily identify what is in the image, such as tree roots or item clogs, so you know that you are able to make proper diagnoses and repair recommendations based on the image quality provided.

Tip #2: Get a camera with a locator

The best borescopes do more than simply send you images of the inside of the pipe, they also help you locate the depth and exact pipe location. This is helpful if the repair requires excavation, since you won't have to guess where the pipe is. These borescopes use a two-part system to achieve this. There is a sonde device inserted into the camera head. You then use a separate locator above ground, which pings the sonde and tells you where the camera head is at beneath the ground.

Tip #3: Splurge on a controller

The simplest borescopes are simply snaked down the pipe, giving you very little control of where it goes or where it looks, other than straight in. A controller, or command module, gives you more control over the camera – allowing you to zoom in or to switch between camera and video mode, if this is an option on your scope. You may even be able to rotate the camera head, allowing you to get a closer look at the sides of the pipes.

Tip #4: Choose a supplier than offers onsite training

This is especially important for your first camera, but it is also a must for any subsequent purchases since each camera operates differently. The supplier should bring some cameras to the site of your choice so you can get shown how to properly operate and clean the camera when in the field. Take advantage of this demonstration and make it mandatory attendance for any other employees you have that may be operating the camera.

Talk to an audio-visual sewer camera retailer to start the search for the best borescope for your plumbing business.