Tips To Keep You Safe While Traveling

30 October 2018
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Personal safety is a big topic that is a concern of people of all ages over, which has increased over the past few years. From personal safety in your vehicle, walking across school campus, or being at home or in a public place, you can never have too much preparation to keep yourself and your family safe. Here are some ways to increase your personal safety while you are in your vehicle.

Tint Your Vehicle Windows

If your vehicle's windows are not already tinted, you should consider adding this feature to your vehicle. Window tint on your vehicle's windows adds an extra layer of protection, as a thief or burglar cannot see if you are along in your vehicle, especially if you are female. When you are alone in your vehicle and a would-be perpetrator can see this, it gives them the opportunity to take advantage of you and the situation. Window tinting prevents their seeing you, especially at night.

Window tinting on your vehicle can also protect your vehicle from break-ins if you are not in your vehicle. Any items left inside your vehicle, including its audio system and other electronics are virtually on display to criminals. But with window tinting, you reduce the chance of a criminal to "shop" your vehicle for a theft opportunity. And as an added benefit, window tint can protect your vehicle's interior and your skin from sun damage, as it protects the interior of your vehicle from a majority of the sun's rays from entering.

Just be sure you follow your state's specific regulations about vehicle window tinting. Certain states have limitations of how dark your vehicle's windows can be tinted, usually on the front driver's and passenger's windows. If you install tint that is too dark, you can be required to remove the tint for you to legally register your vehicle.

Carry a Personal Safety Device

Your key chain is a great way to carry with you at all times an extra security of protection. This type of added protection can come in different forms, such as a pepper spray container your key chain. Just be sure you don't take this into an airport or other secure area, as they can confiscate it and possible cite you for carrying a dangerous weapon.

Another great way to protect yourself is with a personal alarm key chain. When you are in danger, you simply push the button on the key chain or pull the cord from the key chain and it will emit a loud alarm that will attract the attention of anyone nearby.