3 Benefits Of Using Portable Rock Speakers In Your Yard

20 April 2023
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If you install speakers in your yard, then you can enjoy listening to music whenever you spend time outdoors. While wired systems are an option, these products have some downsides, and you might want to consider using portable speakers instead. 

You can easily move portable speakers from place to place. Plus, if they have high ingress ratings, then you can leave them in your yard all the time. You can even buy speakers that look like rocks. What are the advantages of buying rock speakers?

1. Get Speakers That Blend in

While you can put regular portable outdoor speakers in your yard, you might not like the way they look. These speakers will stand out and look out of place. You might think that they detract from your yard's cosmetic appeal. 

Rock speakers are made to look like rocks or small stones. You can put these speakers in flower beds, borders, and even planters. Once in place, the speakers look more discreet. They blend into the natural environment in your yard. You can move them anywhere and they still look like a rock. People won't even notice that they are there.

2. Reduce the Chances of Speaker Theft

Regular yard speakers can attract thieves. If people can see into your yard, then they might spot the speakers. If they can get over your fence, they could simply steal them when you aren't at home or at night. Portable speakers are light and easy to conceal during a getaway.

If you use rock speakers, then you reduce the chances that someone will try to steal your units. These products don't look like speakers. Anyone who looks in your yard will assume that your speakers are rocks. They have no theft value.

3. Boost Your Weather Protection

Outdoor speakers have ingress ratings. These ratings tell you how much weather and environmental exposure a speaker can deal with. Rock speakers actually add to these ratings because of their fissured design.

Standard outdoor speakers usually have smooth casings. Some products might allow water to collect on their surfaces. However, rock speakers have fissures in them to make them look like stone. Water will naturally run down these fissures, and your speakers will stay drier.

Remember that not all rock speakers have the same performance qualities. To get well-made products with the sound quality you need, look for established brands. Contact a local service to learn more about speakers, including Paradigm speakers.